Fall fun on Northwest rivers!

Below is some more tight lines action.  It’s been a fun fall chasing SSC, coho, and rainbows and bulls munching on salmon flesh.  One of the more exciting takes was watching that big bull below shoot out from the depths to attack a white flesh fly I tied up.  It was such a monster that I thought it was a coho at first.  Then I saw those beautiful spots.  Great couples days!

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Summer fun of 2019

Well I have not added any content to this blog for quite some time so I thought I’d restart my focus.  I spent the last summer camping and fly fishing as usual, along with starting my new book.  I didn’t get as much fishing in as I’d like, but I’ve definitely been doing a lot of fly tying.  I’ll post a few pics below.  Also, I wanted everyone to know that my next book I’m writing is based on fly-fishing.  I wanted to tackle some concepts that are important in my family, the focus of the story being around a nurse who loses her husband to cancer.  Long story short, her husband was an avid fly fisherman and he had a bucket list of places to fly fish around the world.  He was not able to complete the list and asked that his wife does it for him, sprinkling his ashes at each location while trying to learn how to live and love again.  It’s a story of love, loss, and healing, as well as the joy of fly fishing and what the sport can do to one’s soul.  I’ll keep everyone posted as I progress through the story.  Stay tuned.

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What a great Memorial Day!

Spent the weekend with some of our good friends, Mike and Lilly, and as usual Mike and I found a way to get our lines wet.  We were camping up North and ended up Kayaking some of the coastal waters, hooking into a few sea runs and a nice fat bull trout.  I only got one picture but she was a beauty.  We were stripping one of Mike’s go to sea run patterns but I got this fish on one of my own white leach-type patterns with a red bead head.  Good start to my summer fishing.


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Fun August day on the River!

I had a great day fishing with my buddy on the Skagit River.  What a beautiful piece of water.  The fishing was not amazing, but that is to be expected when you fish a lot.  We got a few small rainbows, and a handful of nice bull trout like the one in the picture.  The water was amazing and clear and we were swinging big sculpin patterns.  We did fish a few egg patterns as we saw some spawning sockeye, landing a few rainbows in the process.  But most of the good fish were caught on streamers. I definitely want to return to these waters.

IMG_1300 (2)

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Another fun Methow Trip!

Well, sadly, this was the last summer trip I can manage before school (work) starts back up for me.  It was a lot of fun…the fishing was fantastic…the catching was so so.  I ended up going with my friend, Andrew, who isn’t really a fisherman.  But needless to say he had a great time.  Nothing better than fishing during the day, drinking beer, eating good food, and hanging out with a buddy in the evenings.  Now that my parents sold their house in the valley, I am forced to find lodging.  It was a sad event, but we ended up staying at the Virginian Inn right in town.  The inn is old but the rooms are clean and inexpensive.  The owners are nice and its located just outside of town near the Red Apple.

Now to fishing.  The first day we floated from the River Run pull-out to the pull-out just outside of Twisp.  Its a short float in comparison to what I normally do but I like it for several reasons.  There is some good water there and the stretch experiences very little pressure.  That float I ended up getting three really nice, hard fighting fish, and a handful of smaller guys.  I caught most of the big fish on streamers…black and tan sculpin type flies.  I did land one nice one on a hopper pattern (Chubby Chernobyl).  The next day we drove in to some spots starting at Gold Creek and working our way up.  It was much slower….didn’t get anything of any size and only a few small ones.  Needless to say we packed up early and went to the new Winthrop Cider House, and bar hopped to a few other fun locations.  All in all it was a great trip.  My next adventure to the Methow will be for the steelies.  I can’t wait!

IMG_1284 (2)IMG_1285 (2)

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First Methow Trip


Well, my first 2016 summer trip to the Methow was unfortunately not the best.  For the first time I ended up fishing the upper Methow stretch from the bridge at the Beeman Bridge (Goat Creek Rd) down to a pull out near Wolf Creek.  I have never floated this section as it usually closes mid-August and I just wasn’t convinced that section had any good fish.  It was a beautiful day and I started off catching the fish above on an orange Chernobyl chubby.  It was around 14 inches and a hard fighter, jumping out of the water four times.  It was a blast on my 3 weight.  After that I had one hard take down fishing a deep slow run with two nymphs and an indicator.  The fish was meaty and a strong.  It was a cut as I saw its golden color and orange streak just before I lost it.  After that, the temperature went from 90 to 65 degrees in thirty minutes and a massive storm moved in.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Rain pummeled us, the drops as big around as my eye.  Then came hail and wind, blowing right at us as we tried to move down river.  Needless to say we were not fishing, but desperately trying to get off the river.  I’ve never been so soaked in my life.  But we made it.  After that, the river was blown out, the area below Winthrop looking like chocolate milk.  I ended up cutting my trip short.  But I’m coming back in mid-august and hopefully the fishing and catching will be much more productive.

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First summer trip of 2016

My wife and I just spend over ten days on the road breaking in our new 22 foot camping trailer.  We spent two days in Walla Walla drinking wine, then jumped over to McCall Idaho to spend the fourth with my wife’s family.  After lots of fun in the sun we headed to Riggins and fished the Little Salmon for a few days.  To wrap up the trip, we stayed in Prosser for a night and drank some more wine.  As usual, I didn’t get to fish as much as I like, but still had a few great days.  The highlight for me was fishing the Little Salmon above Riggins.  There was literally no pressure and decent amount of rainbows from 4 inches up to 16 inches.  Many shot a few feet out of the water trying to engulf my hopper patterns.  Most of the rainbows either took hoppers, or grabbed various bead-head stone flies fished about 6 feet down.  Those did well in the deep holes.  No big fish to write home about but still a lot of fun.


Beautiful little brookie caught in Hazard lake an hour into the mountains above McCall, Idaho. Fished black and red chronomids about 8 feet below an indicator.

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